Pizza Fun Facts

You are Not Alone!
A staggering 93% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month!

Hey! Close Your Eyes
and take a Bite of This...

Spaniards who returned from travels to Mexico and Peru introduced the tomato to Italy in the 16th Century. Originally thought to be a very poisonous fruit, we’re not sure who they got to try the first bite… possibly an adventurous Rococo ancestor!

Say MOOOF! Please?

Mozzarella Cheese was originally made from the milk of the Indian Water Buffalo in the 7th Century. It was brought to Italy in the 18th Century.

A True Original...

The world’s first true Pizzeria, “Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba” opened in 1830 and is still in business today at Via Port’Alba 18 in Naples Italy.

Wisconsin Cheese Factoids

Rocky uses only real Wisconsin Cheese in his pizzerias.

Did you know…

  • There are 1,242,000 Dairy Cows in Wisconsin, and quite a few of ‘em work for Rocky!

  • 75 Acres of cheese is eaten every day!

  • 23 Pounds of cheese is eaten every year by the average person.

If you got a problem, an issue, a question,
Mr. Rococo will have a suggestion.

Ya’ see, along with being the Master of the
Slice, Rocky got a degree in GGA,
(dat’s Given Good Advice),

Yeah, Presidents and Kings ask
Rocky stuff everyday, They stand in line just
to hear, what Da’ Rock has to say,

Hey ask about your love life, or why does ice
freeze? Just don’t ask about his secret pizza
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Dear Rocky,
I have a question which has plagued mankind for years….
simply put…..Rocky, what is life.

Rocky: “Duh….a magazine. Oh and by da’ way…ya can’t say
mankind anymore…it ain’t politically correct. Y’ gotta say person
kind….you know like chairperson…or uh, Dustin Hoffperson…or
when you go to get your nails done you get a person-a-cure… dere’” Rocky.

Dear Rocky,
How do you stop an angry bull from charging?

Rocky: “Take away his credit cards…and quickly too!”

Dear Rocky,
Can you tell me what sport vampires like to play?

Rocky: “Bat mitton”…..(ahem)

Dear Rocky,
It seems like you’re always blowing away the competition.
Why just last week, two more of your competitors closed
their doors. Any comments, Mr. Rococo?

Rocky: “Well, as my old friend Clarence Darrow once said:
“'I never killed anyone before, but I’ve had a great deal of
pleasure from time to time reading the obituaries'”.

You’re a poet….a cook…..a culinary genius! Please
Rocky, what IS the secret to your pizza?

Rocky: Ya start out with dough and I don’t mean money,
Ya pick tomatoes that grow in the sun, where it’s sunny,
Ya put spice in yer sauce and ya cook it for days,
Ya buy the best mozzarella and let me tell ya it pays,
And when da’ pizza’s done, I think it’s kinda nice,
You can buy a whole pie or just a slice!


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